Banana Backwoods Cigars


Banana Backwoods Cigars


Backwoods is a brand of natural wrapped cigars and cigarillos sold Worldwide. It is known for its distinctive packaging and appearance with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head. Backwoods cigars are currently manufactured and sold by VF Ceulemans.CO, which is a Belgium subsidiary of French/English-based  in Fort Berlaar, Belgium. They are machine-rolled cigars. The Backwoods cigars are a wonderful in flavoured delight.


Banana Backwoods Cigars for sale

the cigar’s image as mild and wild, with a frayed end. Equating the cigars to those cowboys might have smoked in the wild west. These cigars are kept in an airtight foil pouch to maintain the cigars’ humidity level.Buy Banana Backwoods Cigars

Buy Banana Backwoods Cigars 

These Backwood cigars are Banana flavoured, mild, and perfect for smoking among the great outdoors! The number one selling all natural cigar in the world is certainly worth a try,

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We offer backwoods cigars in a variety of flavours including Honey Berry and Sweet Aromatic,Banana,Russian Cream,Dark Stout,Honey Bourbon,Grape,Wild and Mild,Black’N Sweet Aromatic and Honey

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Specifications :

Length: 4.50
Ring: 32
Shape: Parejo
Contains – 5 Cigars per Packet
Packed in Boxes.
1 box (on picture) is 8 packets
8 packets has 40 pieces of Cigar
1 carton is 20 boxes.
1 pallet is 75 cartons

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25 boxes, 50 boxes, 100 boxes, 250 boxes


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