N95 Face Mask (3M)

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N95 Face Mask (3M)

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  • N95 10pieces per Box
  • NIOSH N95 Approved Particulate Respirator
  • State-of-the-art filtration media provides comfortable breathing
  • Electrostatically charged to enhance filtration
  • Durable double-shell construction resists crushing & provides durability in hot, humid conditions
  • Soft, comfortable outer layer and staple-free construction
  • Fluid Resistant
  • Meets CDC Guidelines for TB Exposure Control
  • Features adjustable soft metal nose band and 2 elastic straps
  • Made in the Turkey/USA



Buy N95 face mask ,Not all N95 masks are equal. Most are for industrial use. The N95 respirator offered is FDA cleared for medical use because it passed stringent fluid resistance testing. This is widely considered critical since airborne viruses transfer as fluid droplets. n95 respirator face mask.


  • NIOSH approved.Buy N95 face mask
  • FDA cleared.
  • Highest Level of ASTM Fluid Resistance, 160mm HG
  • Single-use only. Must be discarded after one use.
  • Filter material made in USA and/or Turkey.

Buy N95 face mask has been evaluated and approved by The National Institute of Occupations Safety & Health (NIOSH) and is cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This product is a N95 Respirator deemed “Surgical” by the FDA. It is not a Surgical Mask. “Surgical N95 Respirators” undergo more rigorous testing and are designed to both prevent the spread of germs and protect the wearer’s respiratory system.Buy N95 face mask

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250boxes, 500boxes, 1000boxes, 5000boxes, 10000boxes, 200000boxes, 500000boxes, 1 million boxes

2 reviews for N95 Face Mask (3M)

  1. chris Van der boomer

    Thanks for the shipment and for the lives you have vindicated through the face mask you sent to us

  2. Francis englesias

    your services and procedures are proffessional we will order more of the mask this week.

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