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Specifications for Refined Corn Oil for sale:

  • Relative density 0.917-0.925
  • Refractive index (at 40oC) (at 25oC) 1.4650-1.4680 1.4740 1.4700
  • Humidity and volatile substances (Max) 0.20% at 105 0C
  • Insoluble impurities including corn seed germ (Max) 0.50%
    Saponification value (mg potassium hydroxide / g oil) 187 193
  • Unsaponifiable matters (g / kg) max 15.0
  • Soap content (max) 0. 005%
  • Total acidity as oleic acid (max) 0.3%
  • Acid value (mg potassium hydroxide / g oil) max 0.6
  • Peroxide value (ml equivalent active oxygen/ kg oil) max 10.0
  • Iodine value (Wijs method) 103- 128 Acid %

Storage conditions; Packed: unopened in cool dry and dark environment.

Bulk: dark, stainless steel tanks, max 30 degrees Celsius and loading in a clean tank.

Package and Storage:

Shelf life Packed – 2 years after date of production (proper storage recommended).
Bulk – 1 year after date of production, after proper storage.
Packaging Packed – Bottles (PET), cans (HDPE).
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), flexi-bag, tank-container and tank-car.

Minimum order = 25 Metric Tons



Firstly ,Refined Corn oil for sale is a liquid oil suitable for cooking, baking, frying, in making margarine or our refined corn oil can be bottled as a general purpose oil especially for products high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, We export this oil worldwide using customized shipping procedures.

What is refined corn Oil?

refined corn Oil for sale is what comes after the oil has been pressed from the kernels of corns. The meal which remains after this pressing process is what is referred to as dried distillers grains with soluble (DDGS). This, however, does not mean that distilled oils cannot be used in the regular cooking processes like any other corn oil.

Refined Corn oil for sale

Refined Corn oil for sale

Since it has become more expensive to produce in comparison to other types of vegetable oil, many companies have switched to using soy beans and sunflower seeds for their products instead of maize or corns because they are cheaper alternatives when it comes to producing oils that can be used for cooking purposes. These oils are usually then sold by these companies in either bottles or in plastic containers.

Advantages of Refined Corn Oil

Some of the advantages which come with using refined corn Oil is that it brings down triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Another advantage is the fact that it contains more Vitamin E than other types of oil such as sunflower seed Oil, canola oil and soy bean oils. This pertains to an antioxidant called gamma-tocopherol, which also helps in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels within the body . It has also been shown to contain forty percent omega 3 fatty acids and twenty percent omega 6 fatty acid.

Refined corn Oil does not need refrigeration like coconut oil and olive oil do because they are liquid at room temperature, unlike corn oil which is usually a solid below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. The only disadvantage linked with corn oil is what it does to the levels of vitamin E within the body, as excessive intake has been linked with increased risks of developing prostate cancer and coronary heart disease.

History of refined corn Oil  and how profitable is refined corn Oil?

refined corn Oil was first produced in 1864 by a man called Barel Weil who together with his partner created what he referred to as ‘fine oil’ from maize so they could have an alternative source for producing lamp fuel at their mill located in Cincinnati . His business partner had bought nine hundred and ninety nine barrels of what was eventually called corn oil. By the end of year 1866, Weil had successfully made what he referred to as ‘a better and cheaper grade’ of oil that could be used by oil manufacturers within the country.

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The history of this type of oil does not stop at what happened in the 18th century; it actually goes deeper into what happened during World War I when President Woodrow Wilson requested for a supply of grain alcohol. It is believed that after this, refined corn Oil became a key ingredient in fuels and gasolines right up until 1942 when similar products made from petroleum also came out . The companies producing these oils have seen increased profits since they started production, especially because demand has been going up steadily over the years.

How profitable is refined corn Oil?  and what are the advantages of refining corn oil?

The profits gained through producing refined corn Oil will depend on how high end your product is and what grade it falls into accordingly . The more advanced the grade, the more you can sell it for within that particular market because its quality level would be higher than other grades or kinds of this oil which may have been exported to different countries around the world. For example, there are three types of refined oil namely extra virgin, virgin and what is known as light. The prices for these kinds of oil will not be the same in each market because what they are selling is actually what determines what price it should sell at. This is also similar when determining profits made through this type of business; there are no set rules which say how much you can make from selling this type of oil, hence the reason why you need to do proper research before entering into such an industry.

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Refined corn Oil has many advantages which come with it, especially if you happen to fall into the category of people who don’t mind using organic products in order to cook food or even to use as ingredients when baking cakes . One advantage that comes with refined corn Oil is that it contains Vitamin E, which is known for fighting cancer and heart diseases; this oil also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which helps to keep the cholesterol levels of the body down. This particular kind of oil is what gives food its taste, as most people like it when their foods are flavored correctly . Unlike coconut oil and olive oil, refined corn Oil does not need to be refrigerated because it is liquid at room temperature; this makes storing easy and simple . The only disadvantage that comes with using this type of product is what it can do to your vitamin E levels within your body: too much use of such oils has been linked with increased risks of developing prostate cancer and coronary heart disease.

Refined Corn oil for sale

Side Effects of refined corn Oil

refined corn Oil for sale

The side effect that comes with using this type of oil is linked to its ability for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This can be a problem because it increases the risk factor for people who already have problems within their cardiovascular system, especially when they’re consuming foods which are high in calories . The reason why this occurs has nothing to do with the oil itself, but how people use it when cooking or baking. People think that by adding more and more to what they are cooking or baking, this will somehow give them better results which is not true at all. What they are basically doing is adding more calories to the food that they are eating which can cause side effects of refined corn Oil.

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Another side effect that comes with using this type of oil is linked with how it helps to lower bad cholesterol levels within the body. Scientifically speaking, what happens here is that there are certain types of lipids within the blood stream which come from LDL cholesterol particles; these particles become smaller as a result of consuming too much refined corn Oil on a daily basis . As a result, you need to increase your physical activity level because staying still for long periods of time will only make matters worse by increasing fat cell formation some more . This side effect of refined corn Oil is only known to affect people who don’t even bother with exercising and participating in light activities, which can help keep this side effect at bay.

Where to buy Refined Corn oil online

In addition, Kuscu Food LTD sell this high quality oil at very affordable price, we follow a strict procurement procedure that make sure all our partners meet all food and health requirement in place. More to that, We sell refined corn oil in 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L and different packaging options can be arranged upon request. More so, Below are some useful details on the specifications.

In addition, We are a dependable brand, affianced in selling refined and crude Corn Oil across the boundaries.

Refined Corn oil for sale


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