Refined Sunflower Oil


Refined Sunflower Oil

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale

Productrefined sunflower oil
Transparencywithout lees
Smell and tastedepersonalized oil odourless
Color number,mg of iodine≥ 10
Acid value,mg kon/g≥0.25
Mass fraction of not fat admixtures,%Absence
Peroxide value,½ O2 Mmol/kg≥ 2.0
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles content,%≥ 0.10
Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances
in terms of stearooleoletsytyn,%


 What Is Sunflower Oil?

Firstly Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale. Furthermore, Our company is a big supplier of Belgian refined and unrefined sunflower oil wholesale, both in bulk and bottled. In addition We regularly supply only high quality and 100% pure sunflower oil without adding other vegetable oils to the product. In addition, We offer to buy sunflower oil wholesale at the best price in world.

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale

Is refined sunflower oil healthy ?

Sunflower oil is a plant-derived dietary fat with high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It comes from the cold-pressed seeds of sunflowers, and it has been touted as a healthy cooking ingredient due to its numerous benefits.

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale

The name sounds pretty self explanatory but what is sunflower oil really? To put it simply, it’s pressed or extracted from sunflower seed kernels which are then refined to remove any impurities. The end result is a natural liquid that’s used for cooking purposes – usually in light preparations because it has a mild flavor…

What Are The Uses Of Sunflower Oil?

The uses of sunflower oil include many different types of cooking. It’s a very versatile oil and it can be used in roasting, frying, and grilling; or even blended into salad dressings. You will find that food cooks more evenly when it is cooked with sunflower oil compared to other types of cooking oils!

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale

What Are The Benefits Of Sunflower Oil?

Besides the fact that it has a light and mild taste (making it easy on the palate), what are some of the main benefits of using this type of dietary fat? Here are just some of them: –  It helps lower cholesterol levels –  It’s high in Vitamin E so it keeps skin healthy and younger looking…

How profitable is Sunflower Oil?

The profitability of sunflower oil is what drives many producers and distributors to get their products out there (or what makes people start their own sunflower oil production businesses). There’s a thriving industry for this type of dietary fat and it continues to grow every day…

Is Sunflower Oil Bad For You?

Many people think that using sunflower oil as a cooking ingredient is bad for them, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s been noted over time that those who use it as a dietary fat tend to have lower instances of heart disease and other types of illnesses compared to those who just eat whatever is served without really considering their food choices. Being more selective with what they’re eating helps improve the quality of life for many people…

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale

What are the side effects of sunflower oil?

No side effect can be associated with Sunflower Oil. It is 100% natural and pure. There are no side effects of sunflower oil because it uses cold pressed method to extract oil from seeds whereas other cooking oils use chemical solvent which have side effects on our health.

What side effects does sunflower oil have?

There are no side effects of Sunflower Oil. In the past, Sunflower Oil side effects were documented as one of its side effects is allergic reaction. This side effect has been removed from the label and reports indicate that it is safe for usage…

The side-effects of using a lot of Sunflower Oil may include nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps – but not to worry! All these problems can be avoided if you make sure to drink enough water throughout the day…

  Where did sunflowers originate from?

The origin of sunflowers dates back thousands of years ago with most people attribute their ancestry to North America.

The oil was first extracted in the 18th century, when it was mainly used for lamps in China and Russia. Nowadays, sunflower oil is widely used in Western countries to fry foods or as salad dressing. It is also used heavily in the cosmetic industry for moisturizing creams and other skin care products .

Refined Sunflower Oil wholesale

Use of sunflower oil has side effects because of the presence of certain components such as free fatty acids, lecithin or phospholipids. These side effects are caused by unsaturated fatty acids which are transformed into lipid peroxides by ultraviolet light during storage of food products containing them.

best sunflower oil brand in Turkey

The number of our customers and tons of sold oil gives our company the status of a reliable partner and supplier of Refined Sunflower Oil wholesale. Today we have developed our own brands of sunflower oil. Our company supplies oil to more than 20 countries of the world. We offer to buy oil with a label of your brand.


  • Refined oil in bulk
  • Unrefined oil in bulk
  • Refined and unrefined oil in bottles


Wholesale prices for Sunflower Oil that we indicated on the website are for informational purposes only. The price for refined sunflower oil itself may vary depending on the quantity of the order, payment methods, exchange rates and other natural causes. In order to find out the exact price or price with delivery – send us the necessary application.  MONSTER ENERGY DRINK

Refined sunflower oil for skin

You can buy Sunflower Oil or unrefined wholesale by signing a preliminary contract for the supply of products. First, of course, you can get acquainted with our products, production processes, visit our office in Turkey. After signing the contract and execution of the agreed payment terms – we prepare the products for loading, fix all the processes, carry out customs clearance of the goods and deliver the products to you


Moisture: 0.10% max;
Acid value: 0.50 max;
Para oxide value: 0.5 max;
Saponification value: 188 to 194;
Iodine value: 100 to 145;
FFA% by wt. basis: 0.25% max.

Packaging: 1L, 1.8 L, 3L, 5L PET bottles, Jerry Cans of 10L, 15L and 25L or as per buyer’s request.
Labeling: We supply Refined Sunflower Oil with our label and also in buyer’s own preferred label.

Note: The above specifications are standard and can be changed depending on buyer’s requirements, feel free contact us with details of your requirements for our best quotation.

Kindly send us an inquiry for full quotation.

Refined Sunflower Oil For Sale


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